Age: 16
Birthday: June, 12
Occupation: student

Blake White is very smart, very serious and very stubborn. He gets easily annoyed by many things, but what annoys him the most is being able to see the perro-conejo, which keeps him thinking that he's constantly hallucinating for no logical reason. He's still looking for a way to get rid of his hallucination-problem, but hasn't found anything yet.

Age: 16
Birthday: June, 12
Occupation: student

Susan White is Blake's non-identical twin sister. She's probably one of the few people who doesn't care about his brother's hallucinations, mostly because she has other things to worry about: like her dreams of becoming a famous guitar player, even when everyone in her family disagrees with the idea - thing that she hates.

Age: 45
Birthday: October, 9
Occupation: Algebra teacher

James White -most known as Sir, how everyone calls him because of the monocle- is Blake and Susan's father and Claire's husband. He's very serious most of the time, yet he can be nice with those who are close to him - which aren't many, as he's a bit of an antisocial. He's very very busy with his job most of the time, and is always getting tons of paperwork that never end. Thinks that today's society is drowning, which probably explains why is he still living in the past - using VHS and such kind of things. He's also very likely to drink decaf, thing that really bugs Claire.

Age: 42
Birthday: November, 26
Occupation: barista

Claire White is Blake and Susan's mother and Sir's wife. She's a very nice person who cares a lot about the rest - and even more about her family. She loves coffee, and is always trying to make Sir stop drinking decaf, because -as she says- decaf is horrible and he should drink some real coffee instead.

Age: idk lol
Birthday: September, 24
Occupation: idk lol

Sam is Claire's sister, which makes her Blake and Susan's aunt. She can also see the perro-conejo, thing that she loves: he's even her best friend! Sam keeps talking to the perro-conejo in public, which makes everyone think that she's completely mad - and they aren't wrong, really. She also hates Sir for no logical reason...well, she has her reasons, but they don't make any sense.

Age: 15 and half
Birthday: October, 22
Occupation: student

Probably Blake's only human friend. Louie is very happy and childish most of the time, but also a bit of a paranoid: he's very likely to get scared of almost everything. Although he's pretty sure that Blake is a little mad, he thinks that the perro-conejo may be real.

Birthday: January, 4
Species: unknown/hallucination

Some sort of half-dog, half-bunny thing. Blake and Sam are the only ones who can see him so far, which makes everyone think it's just some odd case of a collective hallucination. The perro-conejo is very playful and likes to pop up at random times.

Birthday: January, 10
Species: mug

Blake's mug. Tacito can "talk" to people (it's more like telepathy, really), but just talks to a few. Loves coffee, and is always trying to make everyone drink some.