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015: Halloween 2009
015: Halloween 2009

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Blake's life would be very normal if it wasn't because of one little problem: a little pink creature that follows him everywhere he goes, and he's almost the only one who can see it! Is it just a mere hallucination, or is he just lucky enough to be able to see it? Well! enough talk about him. This comic is actually about his whole family, rather than Blake himself. Why? because it's more amusing! After all, these are comic strips! it's not really meant to follow a storyline or is it? No, this one is just about random comics. You know, like newspaper comics. Sorta.


Welcome to Hyphen!

Well hello there everyone, and welcome! I still haven't found any use to the news section so I'll just fill it with some little info/intro thing. mmmyeah.

Hyphen was started on January 19, 2008. It's the first time that I actually manage to make a webcomic without getting bored of it first, so I guess I'm kinda proud of it (: <3 I've been planning the comic since late 2006 and I'm still with it! yay!

Sadly, I don't update as often as I wish I did. I have lots of stuff to do apart from this, and it takes me quite a while to get each comic done o__o; so uhmm...sorry about the slow updates! I'll try to fix that somewhere in the future.

Okay I ran out of things to say.

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